Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lots of Pretty Snow

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Zurich saw an unprecedented amount of snowfall: 110 cm (or 3'7") in a single night, a new record.

This much wonderful snow just had to cause havoc: Even the super-prepared Swiss street cleaning crews couldn't get the streets and tramways cleared, which is why almost the entire local transportation system broke down on Sunday morning. Shocking to locals like myself, who are used to trams arriving exactly on schedule, or train conductors apologizing for even a 5 minute delay.

But it was a lot of snow: Some of the sidewalks are still covered with it, about knee-deep. I wish I had proper boots.

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LT said...

I bought my boots in Vals, but I use them more in NYC than I did in Zurich. We also had a snowfall record this year. Did you go sledding?