Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kevin Rose, Dot-Commander

I'm sure everyone remembers last month's BusinessWeek hype piece on Kevin Rose at Digg.

A bit late to the party, Swiss magazine Weltwoche features Kevin Rose on the front page this week.

Their subtitle: "The Internet is hot again – and Kevin Rose is the Dot-Commander". I was happy to see that their article (German) was a lot less hype-y than the BusinessWeek piece. They also paid a visit to Bill Gross in L.A. and talked to Nicolas Dengler of CoComment and Lars Hinrichs of openBC to add some local perspective.

Next up in Weltwoche: The Reddit alien.

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Anonymous said...

I think the German 'verdienen' (earn) sends a different message than 'make'. It's 60mio virtual dollars, a paper millionaire. But he didn't earn it, it's not on his bank account.
The BusinessWeek article was indeed lots of hype. Especially the part where they question that the founder sold too early. Heck, with 18 mio I would lie on a beach and don't worry about selling early.