Monday, October 16, 2006

(Yet Another) BarCampZurich Update

Another quick update on BarCampZurich.

Room upgrade: Initially, we had only one room as we didn't expect this many people to sign up as attendees and speakers! Gladly, the friendly people of ETH Zurich Corporate Communications were happy to help, and we now have three of the finest auditoriums at my school. These were just renovated and have new audio systems and projectors; the paint is barely dry. I'm so happy we got these rooms: They are perfect for BarCamp!

Attendees: Two weeks before the event, we still have 39 empty seats -- sign up now!

Sponsors: Google is sponsoring the event (yes, they're paying for food and drinks, you guessed it!), and we're in talks with another high-profile company for more yummy stuff.

I hope to see y'all in Zurich on October 28!

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