Monday, December 11, 2006

Hardcore Yoga

I first started going to yoga classes at Google in Mountain View. The classes were perfect: There was soft music in the background. The beautiful and charming yoga teacher – she had, if I remember correctly, a Berkeley Ph.D. in physics – always told cute little stories at the beginning of each class.

Far away from California sunshine, I have faced harsh Swiss yoga reality for the last 2.5 years. The classes at ETH seem very disciplined. No soft background music. A focus on energy-sapping positions. An instructor who thinks that the "Yoga + Meditation" class I've been going means 80 minutes of downward-facing dog and 10 minutes of breathing exercises. My wicked mind turns these classes into a competition: "Oh, I'll show her!", which contradicts the original purpose of going there to relax.

I'll need to find a better class or good gym. From a quick search, the yoga places in Zurich seem either sketchy or ridiculously expensive. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hope you found a class. A new studio has just opened - The lead yogi, Adrea, speaks English and has some things in common with you -- "Andre had a background as an IT specialist before co-founding and leading his own company in the field of Knowledge Management in the mid nineties.... Andre has taught in Baron Baptiste's Power Vinyasa Yoga studios in Cambridge and Boston and assisted Baron on several bootcamps and teacher trainings." Sounds like a good option for you. Post a note after your first class to let us know how you did. I'm moving to Zurich next month and need a class to attend. - PJ

Anonymous said...

hi - i realize the post is a little dated, but i just wanted to know if you are still into yoga in zurich, and if you have any advice for me, or better yet, time for me in the new year. i'm moving to zurich to be a google intern for 5 months, and to keep myself away from being worried about not at all knowing what to expect, i'm focusing on finding good yoga while i'm there (except i think i like the hardcore stuff, and you like to relax). a direct question: are there classes at google?


Gabor said...

No yoga classes at Google Zurich as of March 2007, but things might have changed. Google Mountain View has yoga classes for sure, but it used to be a $5 or $10 co-pay, if I remember correctly.