Saturday, March 24, 2007

BlogCampSwitzerland Roundup

I went to BlogCampSwitzerland today, a BarCamp-like unconference about blogs. It was really crowded! I guess I underestimated the number of Swiss bloggers who would show up at an event like this.

One interesting session was Bruno Giussani's talk about BondyBlog. During the French riots in the banlieues, a group of Swiss journalists went to one of these suburbs and blogged about the daily lives of people there. Eventually, they handed over the blog to some locals they trained in blogging. The blog has since become the voice of the 'other France'. A great story about the citizen media.

Bruno had a couple of interesting anecdotes about how the site came to be: One incident involved one of the banlieue kids asking Nicolas Sarkozy for his phone number and through outright brashness, getting it.

As at BarCampZurich, I once again tried to ignite a discussion, this time about the future of blogging technology. The slides I used as an intro for the brainstorm are here. Stephanie Booth has a great summary of the session. And yes, we spent a lot of time talking about Twitter, which for some reason has become insanely popular. (I've also chatted about it with the Bits und so guys.) Great discussions ensued. Some people felt that we missed an authoritative conclusion of where blogging is going to go, but you wouldn't really expect such a thing from a group discussion, would you?

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