Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NYC Profit Calculator

Here's a fascinating account of how businesses in New York - from cab driver to copy shop to the Museum of Modern Art - make money.

New York Magazine: The Profit Calculator

I feel like there are some lessons to be learned here. Cab drivers worry less about tips and more about your destination - if you take a ride out to Queens, they're losing money because they have to drive back through traffic. Yoga gurus sacrifice money for prestige. H&M pricing is essentially a variant of bait-and-switch, but with scarcely clad bikini models on billboards.


Reinhard said...

I don't want to sound picky but between the "New Yorker", which I am subscribing to, and the "New York Magazine" is a huge difference. You may like to consider changing the reference of your link.

Gabor said...

Whoops. Fixed.