Friday, July 13, 2007

Timo's Podcasting Empire

I spent the last one-and-half weeks in Europe. "Europe? We have a perfectly good Europe at EPCOT Center. It's not good enough or something?" I forgot how modern this place looks. At least in some places. Quite a contrast to SF.

While in Munich, Germany, I visited my Timo and his fast-growing podcasting empire. Watch us talk about the iPhone in this vidcast (in German) and listen to us talking about Germany's copy-paste Web 2.0 innovation in this podcast (in German).

I also watched a great comedy about speed dating in Munich: Shoppen (German Trailer): The personalities of 16 Munich singles clash in encouters of 5 minutes each. That movie brought back many memories of dealing with German girls and their peculiarities. Highly recommended.

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