Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuning My Run

Three months ago, I picked up a pair of Nike+ shoes at the local Nike store. They’re yellow and they’re radical. I quickly proceeded to buy the iPod+Nike kit and a shiny new iPod nano. These Apple guys are such prom queens: They’re hot and they know it. They’ll make you jump through hoops: iPod+Nike on your perfectly fine old iPod? Exchangeable batteries for the insole accelerometer? Dream on, boy.

It didn’t take long to get over that you’ve-just-been-ripped-off feeling. This stuff really works. Now that I can measure of my runs, I run more often and for longer distances. My favorite feature? Holding down the center button to jump straight to the Stanton Warriors. Runner-up? When you’ve just run your best mile so far, they have sound clips of famous athletes to congratulate your achievements.

Want to battle? Mail me.

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