Monday, August 27, 2007

A Request for New Music

After listening to Elevator Love Letter for the 857th time, I decided it's high time for new music.

You can tell that I've been pretty busy by the fact that I haven't bought, downloaded or discovered any music in the last 3 months. Normally, my iPods' contents are periodically freshened with new stuff. I'm trying to improve. Help me! Suggest some bands / albums that you think I'd like.

You can use this cheatsheet of recent popular songs:

  • Stars: Elevator Love Letter. OMG, OMG, best song ever! So beautiful, so immediately applicable to everyday life situations.

  • Modest Mouse: Blame it on the Tetons. The official Xobni engineering song. Current iPod playcount: A ridiculously high 55. We listen to this all the time.

  • Jurassic 5: Jurass Finish First. iPod playcount: 45. I listen to this for the mom & pop soundbits at the end.

  • Samy Deluxe: Eppendorf. iPod playcount: 38. German ego rap.

  • Zero 7: Crosses. Lo-Fi music mixed up with José Gonzàles - music that reminds me of that Sony Bravia commercial that was filmed a few blocks from where I live.

What's good these days?


Gabor said...

Random thought #1: I should probably just go check out random friends' Facebook profiles. Some of them have a really good taste in music.

Gabor said...

Random thought #2: There should be a canonical URL for songs. When people reference a book, they link to Amazon. With movies, it's a link to IMDB. There is no equivalent thing for music.

Roman said...

Hi Gabor,

ist "Einfach sein" in den Staaten schon angekommen?!

Was URLs angeht.. in letzter Zeit sehe ich mehr und mehr iTunes-URLs.


Gabor said...

Roman: Nice song!

Just got back from Virgin Megastore (3 blocks from Xobni office). I bought:

Flight of the Conchords: The Distant Future

The Last Goodnight: Poison Kiss

Galactic: From the Corner to the Block

This should last for a while.

Anonymous said...

i don't refer people to amazon for books. for music, i reference the site, or maybe the latter, like imdb, can be pretty sparse though--mostly only a quick look up table. sadly, the wikipedia probably wins for all of these once again--at least if it's any well known. for books, i'll reference bestbookbuys if i think someone should purchase it. i'm not a huge fan of the crowdsourced amazon reviews. too much junk to be sorted through.

ian said...

Our mp3 blog has a bunch of stuff you might like: Let me know if there's anything you get into and I'll hit you with specific recommendations. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Swedish music.

Erol said...

Hi Gabor,

I recently bought 3 CDs of different artists:

1. Norah Jones - Not too late
Nice background sound, strong voice, perfect for a sunday morning breakfeast

2. Herbert Grönemeyer - Bleibt alles anders
Well, you like him or you don't. Anyway, I think he is one of the most talented german song writers.

3. Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit
Good sound including free French lessons :-). I like that kind of guitar sound.

I am going to check out your favorites, too.

Anson Tsai said...

I hear there is a new startup in town that lets you explore new music through friends or community members. The service even helps you out by letting you search by genre or compatibility.

I won't be shameful and add a link ;).

Gabor said...

You must be talking of :-) (Free advertising, hoooraaay!)

Shamefully, none of my friends there have uploaded their music. I'll make sure to convince them.

Lalit Kapoor said...

Hey, you might find this site interesting. It can assist in finding new artists with similar musical tastes. What's cool about this site is that they also apply the technology to determining movies that you may find interesting. I wonder if they are competing in the netflix prize...

I did not find Stars on there, but maybe the site will come in handy some other time :-]

I'm sure you've heard of Pandora.
Just in case you haven't here's the link:

One of the PhD students in the AI department at Georgia Tech (where I go) actually did a study about finding related music...I wonder if there were any enlightening moments in that study.

Anyhow, Good luck finding a new song!

gleemie said...

If you like Stars, you should also check out Arcade Fire.

But what I've been obsessing over this week is Final Fantasy.
The Dream of Win and Regine

If you go over and read my my blog, I recommend things I'm into there sometimes.

What I've been listening to on is usually usually what I think is good (but skip the kirb and chris :)

Ethan B said...

Okay, here is the Mother Load.

All of these albums are genius.

No links, just copy and paste these albums into iTunes, etc.

I'll try to get them up on

Email me for more info...

Re: Stars
Re: Modest Mouse

Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People

Fiona Apple - When the Pawn...

Aimee Mann - Lost in Space

The Sea and Cake - Oui

Beck - Sea Change

Elliott Smith - Figure 8

Ambulance Ltd - Ambulance Ltd

Arcade Fire - Funeral

Re: J5
D'Angelo - Voodoo

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb

Talib Kweli - Reflection Eternal

Bahamadia - Kollage

Common - Resurrection

Re: Samy Deluxe
Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me

Prefuse 73 - Surrounded by Silence

Re: Zero 7
Four Tet - Pause

Bonobo - Dial "M" for Monkey

Air - Premieres Symptomes

Quantic - Mishaps Happening

Manuel Galban - Mambo Sinuendo