Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Xobni Coverage

Om Malik: Is Email The Ultimate Social Environment?
A $350 million buyout of Zimbra by Yahoo (YHOO), Thunderbird being spun out as an independent entity by Mozilla, and the impressive launch of San Francisco-based Xobni: Email, the most socialist of all web apps, is back on the front burner.

Fred Wilson on Xobni:
"It's safe to say that we're blown away ... for those of us stuck in email hell in Outlook, Xobni is showing a way out.

Ed Kohler:
"TechCrunch had tons of impressive companies present, but the one that really jumped off the page for me was Xobni. They have created a new email platform that creates significant value without asking anything more from users. That's a killer combination.

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