Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Xobni Launch: Initial Press Coverage

Some initial press coverage on our launch:

VentureBeat: "Email company Xobni launches, may steal Techcrunch prize":

"It’s extremely useful and we’ll make a bet now it will win the show here, after the two-day competition between 40 companies finishes (we’ve yet to see half the companies, but it blows away the competition so far). We’ve downloaded it, and are playing with it, and find it truly impressive."

ZDNet: Xobni and Orgoo - Weird Names, Useful Applications (Dan Farber)
"It makes you wonder what Microsoft has been doing with billions in R&D."

Brian Alvey: TechCrunch 40 at Xobni

"The first presenter this morning was probably better than any of yesterday's. It's called Xobni, which is inbox spelled backwards. It extracts some great contact and relationship information from your email stream."

Valleywag: I'm too sexy for my install script.

Drwn News: Xobni, Wow
"I just tried the beta release of Xobni on my machine and it is so great. It actually makes me regret switching away from Outlook for 60% of my mail (Thunderbird is my main business app). MSFT should buy these guys immediately and release the damn thing as an Outlook patch, like they did with Lookoutsoft's search."

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Christian said...

congratulations, gabor!
i am a mac user and thus did not download it yet, but it just looks great, recommended it to a few friends.
keep on rocking ;-)