Monday, October 01, 2007

Xobni's Corporate-Approved Recruiting Video

Watch it now. And, if you like it, send it to all your friends!

Update 1: Official post: Growing Xobni
Update 2: Valleywag: Email startup takes on Filmmaking
Update 3: Abishek Tiwari Job Hunting with Videos: "Frankly this is a very unique way for companies to lure in the right talent. Most posts on any job sites are text based and inherently dry. Most of the time they are copied from other places. They almost never convey the culture and environment of the company. Few companies like Xobni and Google are starting to do better in this space to make sure that they attract like minded people."

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leo said...

You guys are absolutly crazy. This video is too funny. Must sound scary to americans when you speak german.