Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Dribble, then a River

Today seems to be the day of Google-bashing. Bob Cringley writes:
"Google is an amazing entrepreneurial petri dish. Yet at the same time, it is doomed to disappoint nearly every entrepreneurial type who works there. This is key: Google is sowing the seeds of its own eventual destruction. It can't help doing so.


With hundreds -- and soon thousands -- of Google employees vested and solvent, we'll shortly see a dribble, then a river, then a flood of former Google employees with time, money, and experience, and some of them will have the drive to realize the dreams of those thousands of ideas that were rejected by their former company.

Xobni is hiring.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Very much Alive

Worried blog readers have been sending about two or three emails every week. "Gabor, have you been abducted by aliens? Are you still alive?"

I’m quite alive indeed. I’ve been putting off writing that one big blog post that tells the story of the past months in all gory detail: Packing all my belonging into my Mom’s Renault Clio. The bureaucratic hurdles associated with moving. How things are going at the big X. Various thoughts about how to turn people and capital into fantastic products. And how being an entrepreneur feels like writing your own story instead of being an actor in someone else's play.

But then again, people don’t read long blog posts. Instead, I’ll repackage my thoughts into future, individual bite-sized blog entry pieces. Until then, here are some pictures of A Day at Xobni.