Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007: The Year in Numbers

New Year's is the time to revisit and review. Let's do it in a quantitative fashion.

  • Countries visited: 6
  • Miles flown: 63'901 (102241 km)

  • My top 5 ranked contacts: Adam, Matt, Bryan, Skyler, Greg
  • Average reply time to emails: 59 mins
  • Time of day when I sent most emails: 3 pm to 5 pm

Career department:
  • Number of jobs held: 2 (at Google and at Xobni)
  • Value of equity that would have vested if I hadn't left Google: $22'474 (there's no upside at big companies)

  • Number of mentions of Xobni in Wall Street Journal: 1
  • Number of mentions of Xobni in Valleywag: 3

Work / life balance:
  • Number of meals cooked for myself in 2006: ~80
  • Number of meals I cooked for myself in 2007: ~5
  • Nights at bars chatting up girls with Adam: ~5
  • Nights at xobni cranking out code with Adam: ~50

  • Days snowboarding: 3
  • Money spent on gym memberships, sports gear, and personal training: $2'954

Giving back:
  • Number of letters I received from my school, ETH Zurich: 3
  • Number of letters I received from ETH Zurich asking for money: 0 (I'd
    be happy to give, but you guys have to ask)

From these numbers, it would be easy to think that this year was all about work. It was. At an early stage startup, you spend your days and nights cranking on code. I think that next year will see a better work-life balance, but I will probably still be working harder than ever before.

This year was a year of upheaval; I left the established Google for a baby startup, and moved to a different country. Xobni is now at an exciting point where we're building out the userbase and getting ready to strip away both the "private" and the "beta" from "private beta". I expect that we'll see a lot of success: Email search and navigation is still in its infancy.

Let's review my 2007 New Year's Resolutions: I've tried to keep in shape throughout the year, with limited success in the early days of Xobni, but have since found a great gym and a trainer: Check. Another resolution for this past year is to have more focus and do only one thing at a time. A startup forces you to do that: Check. Launch stuff at Google? Didn't happen.

My resolutions for 2008? Make Xobni a big success. Spend some time Asia (where I have never been before). Talk less about myself on my blog.


Eszter said...

Was nice to meet you again, cuz. When increasing your yearly air miles, don't forget to drop by next time you're in Hungary.

Good luck for your plans in 2008!!!

Gabor said...

Good to see you too! I'm actually looking to *de*crease airmiles in 2007. The amount of travel in 2007 was in-sane.

christian said...

good luck for your resolutions!
once in Asia, let me know when you'll visit Japan, I'd be glad to show you some sights (and others) in Tokyo