Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Wishlist for the iPhone

After a month of using the iPhone, I'm surprised about how well it's working for me. While everyone is waiting for V2, it's already pretty darn good. I have only four requests:
  1. Ctrl-F in Safari: I want to be able to search inside a page that's displaying in Safari
  2. Copy-paste: Emails into notes, contact info into emails, Safari into email, Safari into notes, and vice versa. (I've heard rumors this will actually be in a software update soon)
  3. Emil search: Even if it only searches the last 50 received emails.
  4. Headphone jack: Make it fit other headphones with thicker connectors.

I'm looking forward to a bright future where one day there might be Xobni for iPhone. A mobile application may be even more useful than the desktop one. Imagine you're on the go and can use Xobni's super-fast email search, and people profiles.

1 comment:

lfischer said...

And a price cut of two thirds (including the contract).

A free version (only the phone) for a reasonable price would sell many many more items.