Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yahoo gets Inbox 2.0

I'm very happy about how much attention the mail client experience has been getting lately. Even the big players are addressing people's email pains and building Inbox 2.0. From coverage of Yahoo's CES annoucement today:

Reminding his audience that what he was about to show them was a concept, not a launch, he began his presentation of what could be termed "Inbox 2.0" – a smarter, more intuitive and social version of Yahoo's existing webmail that can understand and interpret all of the interactions that users have across their various networks and devices.


By culling together and analyzing all of a user's relationships (who's in whose network on MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.) the smarter inbox that Yang envisions could prioritize a user's contacts, placing at the top the ones whose social graphs are most similar.

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