Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Gates demos Xobni

Earlier this morning, Bill gates demo'd Xobni at the Office Developers Conference in San Jose, California.

Here's a link to the webcast. The demo is about 44 minutes in.

And some quotes from the show:

"Xobni - it's actually the word inbox spelled backwards: This is where someone has come into Outlook and decided to add value. "You look over there to the right, that's their unique display area. They help you understand how you communicate, what groups of people you work with."

"In fact, this is really a social networking set of capabilities, but brought into Outlook itself. So we think it's very, very cool to look at mail messages, extract information, they give you statistics about email patterns. It lets you manage relationships. It actually understands the richness of different types of relationships, which is I think the next generation in social networking. Not just one set of friends who all see the same thing, but rather different relationships and the way you connect up and share information."

"This is a great example of having something like Xobni come in and extend things. It lets us see where people want new capabilities in the Outlook-type environment."

Update: A short video clip with Bill's demo is now on YouTube.


Auston Bunsen said...

Seriously Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates doesn't even comment about industry I work in ... I hope Steve Ballmer doesn't annouce a "similar" product soon, tightly integrated with, MS TeamShareWhaeverServer (tm) and Exchange. [add side joke with flying chairs in here]


acs said...

Wow! Respect!

Ed said...

Congrats man. Very cool. Get him to stop this yahoo nonsense and put some of the money into xobni instead.

leo said...

How cool's that! Where again can I buy Xobni stocks? ;-)

rolf said...

so xobni is now on the "to be acquired" list of microsoft....

Anonymous said...

Or he should consider buying a few licenses of Lookeen ;) Thats my kind of a great Outlook search add in!