Thursday, February 28, 2008

Xobni in Newsweek: Reinventing the Inbox

NewsweekWe'll be in next week's Newsweek: "Reinventing the Inbox: Tech firms are trying to combine e-mail with social-networking tools."

One of the leading startups in this new field is Xobni. The San Francisco firm hopes to capitalize on dissatisfaction with swelling IN boxes that make the eyes glaze over. "Google organized all the information on the Web," says cofounder Matt Brezina. "Nobody's really done that for your personal information."
Here's the best part:

Xobni is looking at other ways to expand the social possibilities of the IN box. One project in development is called Stay in Touch, which looks at your e-mail pattern and creates a list of the people you once sent e-mail to but haven't been in touch with recently. "We call it the ex-girlfriend finder," says Brezina.

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