Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Cost of Switching Your Logo

When big companies change their logos, brochures have to be reprinted, signs changed, and trucks repainted.

About a week ago, Xobni switched to a new, lowercase logo. It eliminates the dash above the o: Since the Bill Gates demo, the short o has fallen out of favor. In addition, the new lowercase format allows us to mirror the logo on our homepage to make the "inbox backwards" connection obvious.

After Bryan created the new design and put it up on the website, I decided to switch our logo everywhere else. Original estimate: 1 hour.

I changed the logo in the product, our internal Wiki, the bug tracker, Nimda, and even ordered mousepads with the new design. Then, I figured out how to change our logo on Wikipedia, and even wrote an email to Crunchbase asking to change our logo. Total time taken: 3 hours! And I'm sure the old logo still lingers somewhere.

If this small change takes hours even for a startup like ours, I can see what corporations spend those millions of dollars on.


Ed said...

What about those loyal users like me who ran out and got tattoos?

Gabor said...

Laser removal:

Bryan will be happy to tattoo the new logo on your arm, just drop by.

Ed said...

that's not really the same, now is it?

kenoa said...

You forgot to change the Xobni icon in your "About Me" section...