Monday, April 07, 2008

Xobni Turns 2

Almost exactly two years ago, Xobni was born. It spent its first months of life at YCombinator, saw the development of Xobni Analytics, and the raising of venture capital. One year ago, I joined Adam and Matt in their quest for global domination. Greg arrived 6 weeks later, then La Donna, then Bryan, Skyler, Aamir, Tyler, Ryan, and suddenly we were one big family, celebrating Xobni’s second anniversary. Here’s the team holding the cake at our BBQ.

And here's the cake itself:

Happily, Skyler created a little "Xobni Turns 2" collage with our pretty faces to remind us of these days of innocence.

I recently found my photo blog entry about the days before the Xobni launch, and tears were rolling down my face. Yes, we look very tired in those pictures, but those were the days! I decided to post some more pictures so I can relive the feelings of nostalgia a few months from now.

Greg T, for example, caused quite a stir when he joined, since there was already a Greg on the team. We decided to name them “Greg 0” and “Greg 1”, somewhat inspired by the scheme that Jobs and Wozniak gave themselves employee numbers at Apple.

This is Bryan, our web engineer extraordinaire. Note that he got the corner office.

Here’s Jeff, our new CEO, looking very serious at work.

Ryan, less serious at work. No, his behavior is not encouraged by our employee handbook.

Tyler is our QA rockstar and has by far the biggest collection of monitors of anyone at Xobni.

Here’s Rob, who recently joined us from Google (read about it at Wired). Rob and I share not only the same previous employer, but also a wardrobe composed of Google T-Shirts.

If you’ve ever sent us your resume or a support request, you probably had a chance to talk to Skyler. Here’s Skyler looking at that email you sent.

We’re not the only ones who hit an anniversary this month. Our friends from Scribd below had their 1-year anniversary, but their party was a bit more opulent than ours. To seal our friendship, we had a little Xobni-Scribd ping pong tournament. Here’s Greg 0 trying to nab the title.

We lost the tournament, but have high hopes for 2009.

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Dan said...

Thanks for sharing these pics, Gabor. You guys seem very happy yet hard at work.