Sunday, May 25, 2008

iPhone, the Second Coming

I'm probably the last one to pick up on the rumors that a new version of the iPhone is coming: The online store says "currently unavailable", Wired has the scoop, and everyone seems to think that a new version will be out on June 10.

They better be prepared: Everyone without an iPhone at Xobni is considering getting one. Even my friends are ready for iPhone 2.0, as they refuse buying any 1.0 products. Apple could sell millions of these devices by just slapping "2.0" on the existing model.

These folks sure have learned how to hype up new products.


Anonymous said...

But Apple is not hyping anything. They haven't leaked secret information, don't say what features it will have, when it will be available or even if it's called '2.0'.
The hype is all in the fanbase :)

So, what will happen to all the 1.0 phones?

marc tobias

Gabor said...

Tomorrow's the big day.

Here are some leaked iPhone 2 photos.