Sunday, June 08, 2008

Business Book Diff Tool

I’ve been reading a lot of business books lately to brush up on my management skills. There's a lot of overlap: Most of them devote page after page to the basics. But at the heart of every good business book is a gem: A collection of insights with real value. The take away.

I'm wondering if someone could build a business book diff tool: You feed it a list of all the business books you've read so far, and give it the book you're currently reading. It runs fancy natural language processing algorithms - a text similarity matcher, and a summarizer. It generates a summary of the contents of this book that you haven't read elsewhere, and gives you the pages and chapters you should actually read.

Amazon and Google have the input data for this, since they've scanned and OCRed millions of books. Building the magic NLP algorithms is a different story. Has anyone done something like this?


Anonymous said...

Szia Gabor,

Great idea except that I have yet to find a business book that is a gem.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Szia Gabor,
Egesz veletlenul talatam a blogodra es csak tovabbi sok sikert es ugyesseget akartam kivanni inen keleteuropabol. :)

baptiste said...

The Dilbert Principle - Scott Adams

NLP Gyan said...

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Tracey Beaney said...

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