Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iPhone 2, Week 2

Last week on the way back from Chicago, my beloved iPhone 1.0 slipped out of my pocket in a taxi cab. Calling the cab company didn't help: Apparently, people don't return iPhones to their rightful owner.

I already had withdrawal symptoms after 2 minutes without my iPhone. Thus, I bought the iPhone 3G the next day. Some observations:
  1. Oh, the wait! Yes, it took me 3 hours to get the phone. I was in this line. I thought it would take about an hour, but that's how they get you: You've already waited so long! Why not wait an another 15, and another 15, and so on.
  2. Oh, the slowness!: Yes, typing is slower. Is that the end of the world? Not for me.
  3. New Headphone jack: Love it.
  4. Apps: I use Instapaper, and the Google Search App, and Yelp. It's easy to see how 2 years down the road, some immensely useful apps could be built.

So, is it worth the upgrade? Probably not.


Timo said...

You skipped the most important question of all:

Black or White?

Gabor said...

Black. There wasn't really an option, though - I got the 8 GB model.

kenoa said...

Only three hours? Seems I have to wait for 3 more months to get one :-(

szlevi said...

How touchy - is it me or really you don't care about the complete lack of

- Flash support (!)
- select/copy/paste (Pathetic!!!),
- A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) support
- email multi-client (checking them one-by-one? What kind of lame crap is that in 2008?)
- voice dialing (WTF??? Even free phones were able to do it in the late 90s if I remember correctly)
- still no video recording?

Rest of the missing or completely screwed features - no fornt camera, mind-boggling, super-annoying always-on text-prediction, lack of multimedia message format, lack of IM etc etc - are subject to personal taste but these above are totally lame, especially after such a ridiculous hype...
Other than being stupid enough to blow the RDF-machine I can't figure out why would anyone (sans 'true believer' MaKKers) with sane mind waste buying it right now... after updates and fixes arrived, yes but until then - no way.

szlevi said...

Errr... waste buying = would buy


Katherine said...

3 hours?!? That's madness!

Come to Friendswood, TX, where the iPhone line is nonexistent. I got my 16 GB as soon as I walked into the store. Good times.

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