Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Want Your .com For New Startup

My new startup needs a name and the corresponding .com domain. I've spent hours and hours trying to come up with something good. Why not crowdsource it? My blog now has over 400 subscribers. Thus, there must be someone in my audience who owns the perfect domain name for a new email / communications startup.

Here's my "wishlist":

  • It has to be a .com as people have difficulties with domains like del.icio.us

  • If possible, I'd like to closely follow Guy Kawasaki's naming guidelines.

  • Unambiguous spelling: It should be easy to map from how it's pronounced to how it's spelled.

  • I like alliterations such as FriendFeed, they really stick to your mind. Not a must, though.

  • Either a name that has something to do with communications ... (good examples are PostPath, TellMe, Gmail, or Twitter);

  • ... Or a word that sounds good and can be used for any type of business, such as Google, Skype, Yahoo, Zimbra, Groove.

To give you some more inspiration, I like these words: shine, glow, joy, happy, dream, sky, light, utopia, drum, jet, jam, fun, run, hop, leap, fly, flow, fast, now, right, easy, wow, zap, clean, and fresh. (Yes, I've tried combinations of these and ones domains I liked were taken.)

Do you have a .com that fits these criteria? Let's chat! My email address is here.

If you don't have a stack of .com domains piled up, please send a link to this post to your friend who does. Thanks for your help!


Dan said...

Hah! I bet you're just trying to avoid Guy disapproving of your company's name. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi there! I've got donefaster.com/net/org, if you'd like it. I bought it in a mistaken fit of optimism about starting a new project.

shawn / sdrost@gmail.com

Jed Christiansen said...

For $99, you can probably get a couple hundred prioritized names from here:


Mark Lancaster said...


I sent you a quick email with some domain ideas that are currently available to register that might be up your alley.

Hope this helps you out.

CG said...

Not sure if these interest you, but I own:
- talkvibes.com
- myconvo.com

Anonymous said...

I own drunkfordays.com. If that's not worth something I dunno what is.

Anonymous said...

"Or a word that sounds good and can be used for any type of business, such as Google, Skype, Yahoo, Zimbra, Groove."

These are decent enough generic names, but I'm not sure they'd work for *any* kind of business.

I'd probably not buy a car make called a "Yahoo!".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, I'd rather get a car named Yahoo than one named Windows.
Think reboot... :-)

Bill Brown said...

If your startup is going to deal real estate, specifically road surfaces that span rivers, you might be interested in bridgeforsale.com

george scott said...


Gabor said...

Thanks so much, guys - I've received about 30 emails so far. A couple of good ones, nothing perfect. Please keep 'em coming. :-)

Anonymous said...

I own www.meyzo.com lemme know if interested.


AndyW said...

I own slutfindr.com

Ahhh... the plans I had for that one ;)

Anonymous said...

vidpath.com (.net|.org)

Wilkenhain said...


Anonymous said...

verokio.com ?

Anonymous said...

Why don’t you go the Web 2.0 route and make a word up. We have chosen Sososher “its an acronym of several words that describes our new website” unfortunately I cant tell you what it means just yet as we are in stealth mode.

Lauren Nash

Anonymous said...

herobag.com seems to be parked (read buyable domain).

keywords: gabor reversed and a hero

me sends alter paltrow done bald bond

(this is a code so i can be identified as poster of this comment, if required)