Saturday, September 27, 2008

India Negotiation Tactics - Addendum

Sometimes hawkers initially quote you an insanely high price. For example, they'll tell me the ride to the airport is 1200 Rupees, when the ride from the airport was 250 Rupees.

My reaction to this in the past was that I tried not to get emotional. I wouldn't scream or laugh at them. That didn't seem like an adult thing to do. A great example of this was when years ago, my Google recruiter named me the number of shares and options I'd be getting. My reaction internally was "you've gotta be kidding, there's a digit missing," but instead it was "let me think about it ...".

The lesson: When confronted with obviously imbalanced deals, I should express my emotions. As for the taxi driver, I just started laughing. The ride ended up costing 350 Rupees, after 10 minutes of bargaining. I did learn something in India after all.

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