Friday, October 17, 2008

"The Future of Email" Talk in Sydney

Yesterday, I gave a talk about my views on the future of email at CSIRO / Macquarie university in Sydney. Thanks to Andrew Lampert for the arranging and promoting the talk. Here's what it was about:

Mail clients haven't moved forward since the mid-1990s. Most applications have added superficial features, but the basics remained unchanged: Folders, lists of disconnected emails sorted by arrival time. Clients have no sense of priority, urgency, workflows, or connectedness. Their search features are simple and are sometimes painfully slow. Users today are bombarded with email and find popular email clients hard to use and inefficient.

How did we get here? How do we get out of it? This talk presents new ideas of improving the email experience for overloaded users.
I promised to put the slides online. Here they are (also on SlideShare).

I'd also like to thank the audience for the great discussion that ensued after the talk - I might post some of the best questions here at a later date.

A video of the talk is available on the CSIRO website here.


Christian said...

congrats, looks like a great talk!
my message even made it in ;-) not as an important one though (as expected)

you really make me wonder what your company will look like ;-)

Ophelia Chong said...

You had me at the "Cake at my desk" slide. Great ideas and yes Email is a hulking monster that lives and breathes in its own world. Bringing in Twitter et al is a great idea.

:O) ophelia

Zohair said...

The future of email -and any other communication scheme- should also include visual communication (via whiteboards like Dabbleboard) built-in. Why focus only on verbal communication?

Anonymous said...

Great analysis and very attractive project. Unifying things is a good strategy and there is definitely a problem with communication.

Make sure to design it so that you can easily plug in new protocols and communication services.

Imtiyaz said...

Death by Email:

Email: too much of a good thing?:

Felipe Costa said...

Szia Gabor,

Great talk.
When organizing/sorting the received email there is always the question:

What paradigm to follow? Folders vs. Tasks vs. People?

So... I would like to hear from you about:

What is the best option in your opinion?

You think is possible to have a merge of different paradigm together?

Felipe Avila da Costa

shamik said...

simply excellent !

shamik said...

hit the nail on the head ! great job