Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Gabor hits Send" - New Name, New Focus

This blog has been successful beyond my expectations. There have been 215 posts, more than a quarter million visits, hundreds of comments, and an incredibly diverse readership: Students in Germany, consultants in Switzerland, entrepreneurs in the US, and IT workers in India all read this blog. Dear readers, for creating this success.

I'm refocusing my life around starting an email company, and it's only fitting to refocus this blog as well. Thus, I'm rebranding it: Say hello to "Gabor hits Send"!

Should you read this blog? If you fall into one of the groups below, the answer is yes.

1. Email Enthusiasts

My forte and passion is improving email and electronic communication. Email today is becoming a drag on productivity: Users are flooded with messages, and today's applications are not designed to cope with these volumes. You'll read a lot here about ideas, promising research, and new tools to improve the state of email.

2. (Future) Entrepreneurs

I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I've always wanted to start a great company, build products that delight users, and a workplace where people can be happy and productive. This isn't trivial and will take some time. I want to be an authentic voice that talks about the entrepreneurial experience. If you want to know what it's like to start a company and build great products, this is the blog for you. I hope I can provide valuable insight, even encouragement to follow your dreams.


I intend to post once a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

My comments policy: I encourage you to post comments and share your views. Please write in English: My readers can't read Hungarian or German. I don't censor comments unless it's clearly advertising or spam, racist, pornographic or vulgar. I also reserve the right to delete stupid comments that demonstrate the person hasn't read the post.

Thanks for reading and subscribing. Hope you like it!


Dan said...

How did you come up with the new name?

Gabor said...

Dan - The instant you hit "Send" is the moment when an email is born. So it somehow seemed fitting. G

Gio said...

So this is the first step you mention in the previous post, and I would say: really nice!

Abhishek said...

Nice name
Good luck!

eLd0raDo said...

Congrats Gabor...
I am really curious what will come out of SF soon.

Just to make it clear (and maybe it's just stupid me not understanding): you rebranded your blog, right? This is in now way a hint to your new company name.

Cheers and good luck, Markus

Imtiyaz said...

Great !
and is it Company name also?

Gabor said...

"Gabor hits Send" is not my company's name. I'm still working on that. :-)

Natasha said...

So happy to hear you are focusing on the email space. I recently got an email from a Nigerian Prince who might be able to help fund your new venture...

Felipe Costa said...

Hello Gabor...

Being a "(Future) Entrepreneur" and also an "Email Enthusiast" I'll be following it =)

Good luck for your "new" blog and project.

However I must comment you affirmation:

"The instant you hit "Send" is the moment when an email is born."

From technical (functions and protocols) point of view this is probably correct... but from the user point of view... an email is born much earlier (maybe when this user think about send it).

I believe, email platforms should support this email since that!


Gabor said...

Felipe - good point about the "instant you hit send". I guess it's really just the moment that the bits actually turn into an email. I'll have to be more careful with this. Gabor