Wednesday, October 01, 2008

World Tour: Ko Samui

I'm living in a little hut on the beach. This is what I see when I look out the window.

My days are spent reading, tanning, jetskiing, and scootering around the island.

Ko Samui is like paradise: In the part where I'm staying, there are only bungalows and small hotels, no big resorts and crowded beaches. I'm spending less here than on an average day in San Francisco. Things are very informal: Even the airport isn't some glass and steel monument, but looks roughly like 3000 Sand Hill Road with an airstrip attached.

I only wish is that I had planned to stay here longer. My mentor at Google used to say that she didn't understand why people take weekend trips when it really takes 2 weeks to be effective at vacation: one week to forget work and stress, and the next one to really relax.


Pheelmore said...

Go to Ko Tao while you are close. if you snorkle, this will make your heart light up. Also, they have awesome little huts on the end of the beach - pure gold if you stay a day or two!

The Traveling Man said...

Sawatdee Krap, Gabor....

I found you on Twitter by doing a search for San Francisco, my home town. Good to hear that you're enjoying the Land of Smiles. I will be returning there on Nov 10 (my 8th trip). I have been 2 Ko Samui twice (Hat Lamai), but I don't recognize the beach (that cannot be Chawneng?!?!). Just FYI, I am a tour operator who specializes in botanical and nature tours. Feel free to check out my Travel Blog and my account at Twitter is Twitter/Traveling_Man

Be safe (but Sanuck dee)

The Traveling Man (aka Hanumann-Ling Yai)

P.S. In Chiang Mai, 2 places I can recommend ....
Love at First Bite (excellent pastries and coffee) and Charcoa Cafe- delightful boutique cafe with Wifi.