Friday, April 10, 2009

Experiment: Positive Thoughts on Posterous

I've started an Experiment: I now have a Posterous blog at where I'm going to try to post one inspiring / uplifting quote a day (Plus random photos from my iPhone).

Being an entrepreneur is hard because it's a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Without any substantial or factual change at all, you'll feel awesome one hour, and awful the next. Sometimes it's enough to just load one positive thought into your brain's state and it'll all work out fine.

Many of the quotes I'll post might be lifted straight from Barack Obama, Paul Graham, VentureHacks, Jessica Livingston's Founders at Work, or something that a speaker at YCombinator might have said.

Mail me any good quotes you might find - my email is on my homepage.

Why did I choose Posterous? Because Garry Tan is a cool guy and because Posterous lets you blog via email. And everyone knows how much I like email.

Stay subscribed to this blog, though - this is where I'll be posting original thoughts and content.

So - here it is:

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