Monday, April 06, 2009

"It's the Small Steps"

Here's one of my favorite blog posts. I have no idea how I found it in the first place, but I've kept it bookmarked in my browser for those moments when I'm feeling overwhelmed: Patricia Handschiegel - It's the Small Steps:
"After an hour of talking, the reporter said, 'Wow, I’m really surprised at how long and hard you worked, Patricia. You always assume when somebody has success, it was easy.' There is absolutely nothing easy. Any success, however you define success, is going to make you work harder than you could have ever imagined. Add in a start-up, and the to-do list can be enormous. This is why I constantly tell those I advise or mentor to create a list of their goals, a timeline for those goals and then, from there, the individual, small steps to get to each of them. Doing this makes the work easier, more digestable and less overwhelming. [..]

If I were to try to do everything I want to do at once, nothing would get done. I focus on the small things and so far, pretty much everything I’ve set my mind to has happened."

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