Monday, April 13, 2009

reBoxed - Day 2

reBoxedWow, it's 4:10 am - I started working on reBoxed at 10:30 am today. Almost 18 hours and 1045 lines of code later, I have a crude prototype working, in line with my plan from yesterday.

reBoxed still seems like an excellent idea, but I've found that it's crucial to keep expectations down - since the reBoxed idea is so new, I still find myself being wildly enthusiastic about it. I typically get much calmer about a new idea after about a week or so.

The first version is going to suck. Especially the UI. I'm going to spend some time sprucing up the user interface on Tuesday, but I doubt it's going to look really good in the next 36 hours.

I wasted some time today by deciding to look into fancy machine learning algorithms for reBoxed. I dusted off my copy of Data Mining (the only ML book I own that isn't with my parents in Switzerland). But after 45 minutes or so, I abandoned all of that and went with something really simple.

People have emailed and asked reBoxed - it's a combination of a number of ideas, some of which I've written about in A Model of your Inbox and How Researchers are Reinventing your Email Client. You'll find out soon enough.

Ok, off to sleep now.


devylon said...

Hi Gabor, there're two really greate books. Maybe they help you:

They cover topics such as collaborative filtering, classification algorithms, etc.


devylon said...

i don't know about your "reBoxed" plans. But i think there some areas where algorithms like bayes- or fisher-classifcation algorihtm can help you to classify emails and do some neat stuff.


Tony said...

When you are finished this project, it would be cool to get a post about how the lack of design doc came back to bite you (if it did). Also, since you are a big believer in design docs for even the smallest projects, you should post about your format for design docs (how you write them)...maybe including an example. Good luck with reBoxed!

Bob said...

Dude, 1045 lines of code in a single day? You're even more of a f***ing rockstar than I thought you were.