Tuesday, April 14, 2009

reBoxed - Day 3

reBoxedI woke up to the sound of the alarm at 9:00 am this morning, and rushed to pick up a friend at SFO. Should've thought about that when I went to bed at 4:30 am ...

I only spent about 5 hours coding on reBoxed today, mostly fixing bugs and making the UI at least bearable. We spent hours discussing derivative ideas, and probably got a little too excited about the eventual potential of reBoxed. Then, we met with Paul Graham at YC office hours - he seemed optimistic about the idea, but pointed out some UI shortcomings that are going to take a lot of effort to improve.

He had one more point: reBoxed will require quite a bit of input from the user before reorganizing their inbox. I hope users will understand that we can't just reorg your inbox out of thin air, and won't get too impatient with the work we ask them to do.

The quality and speed of the UI, however, will continue to haunt me. I feel like I'm pretty good at designing and implementing UIs, but making them good takes takes enormous amounts of time. With my deadline at 6 pm tomorrow, there's just no time get to get the UI up to my personal quality standards.

Plenty of small work items remain, but I think we're on track to push the first version tomorrow Wednesday at 6 p.m. - Exciting!


P.S.: If you're wondering why I only coded 5 hours new today - The Winter 2009 YC founders decided to continue the Tuesday dinners even past the official YC dinners. Tonight, we had a little get-together at Cloudkick HQ in San Jose. I just got back from that.

P.P.S.: I just noticed my original post said I'd have V1 up by Wednesday 3 pm - So that's what I will aim for (instead of 6 pm). I'd say 6 pm is more realistic though.

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