Sunday, April 12, 2009

reBoxed - An Experiment in Rapid Development

reBoxedI have a little bit of free time on reMail's main product right now and I've decided to implement a possibly great idea I've been thinking about over the last couple of weeks. reBoxed is a new take on inbox prioritization - and I'll build and launch it in the next 3 days - 75 hours. My deadline is to have it done by Wednesday 3:00 pm Pacific time.

My timeline is something like:
  1. Today Sunday: Learn a technology I'll need to understand for reBoxed to work. Write a Design Doc.
  2. Monday: Implement all functionality but keep the UI super crude.
  3. Tuesday: Brush up the UI. Meet with PG at office hours in the afternoon to get his feedback.
  4. Wednesday: Write deployment tools and deploy to a server. Launch.

Don't set your expectations too high: The first version of reBoxed will likely suck. reBoxed is an experiment in how quickly I can develop and launch a mail-related product. And a way to prove out a possibly great idea.

I'll post a daily update on this blog.

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Sebastian said...

Nice project! For which platform will reBoxed be released?