Tuesday, April 28, 2009

reBoxed: Global People Rankings

reBoxedI'm experimenting with a new feature for reBoxed, the email prioritization tool I built two weeks ago.

By having you and others vote on people's relative importance, reBoxed re-sorts your inbox according to the importance of senders in your inbox. But wouldn't it be interesting to see the most important contacts based on the votes of you and others? That's why I built a feature called "Global Ranking", which gives you the global importance of people in your inbox based on everyone's votes.

I'm enforcing two rules to protect everyone's privacy:
  1. You can only see the global importance of people you have communicated with from the Gmail account you're using.
  2. You can only see the global importance of people whom you've voted on yourself (either for or against). If you don't see enough people in your global ranks, you should re-play the reBoxed voting game a couple of times.
Additionally, Global Rankings will not show rankings for addresses you've marked as "not a person" - bulk senders, spammers, and the like - that adds a little more sanity to the page.

You can access the feature through your reBoxed Inbox, by clicking on "Global Rankings".

Give it a spin and let me know what you think! As always, you should report bugs on the reBoxed GetSatisfaction page.


Megli said...

Now I feel important ...

fedex1 said...

How do you get past the first 20 or so emails?