Monday, June 01, 2009

An App Store for Google Wave

In the previous post, I evaluated business models for Google Wave. But there's a promising business model I forgot. It was suggested by Carl Putscher, one of the commenters.

Google Wave App Store

If Google Wave takes off, developers will many build useful additions and extensions using the API. I can imagine that some of these will be so useful that users would pay for them. A third party could then develop an App Store that sells themes, extensions, and subscriptions to extensions. They could then take a 30% cut, much like Apple does for the iPhone.

Verdict: Technically, I imagine that this would be pretty easy to implement for gadgets, and hard for things like themes or elaborate applications - I'd have to see the source code to really judge. The risk here is that Google could do this first. I'd expect they could do this better than any third party could.


Random thought: It would be interesting to know how the Cydia Store is doing, which is a less restrictive, third party App Store for the iPhone.


Dean Collins said... is it going to be bigger than iStore?

Anonymous said...

I am interested on how reMail will adapt to googles' wave announcement. Explain how full text search of standard email will provide 'viability' against wave.

baepel said...

Hi Gabor,

Nice analysis. I'm happy to see that you are aware and closely following this potential paradigm shift.

Perhaps you should also reserve the name "rewave" ;-)

Good luck with your enterprise,
- Baptiste

Sean T said...

As I mentioned in an reply to the last blog post.

The concept of selling apps is not really viable.

An app has to be available to all participants of a Wave. Once one participant adds it to a Wave, everyone in that Wave receives it. If someone uses it for a different Wave the app you sold could be used worldwide in no time flat (6 degrees of separation).

Gabor said...

Sean T: Thanks for your comment, but I don't agree.

An App could have two states: Purchased and not purchased. In the "not purchased" state, it's available to all participants but won't give away any info until each user has purchased it.

That's actually quite a neat marketing channel, too. (Only half kidding here)

Sean T said...

I stand corrected.

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