Thursday, July 09, 2009

Help me Test the New reMail

Want better search on your iPhone? I'm beta testing a new version of reMail for the iPhone and need your help.

We've been working hard on the new reMail. In this new version, 80% of the code is brand new. It does amazing new things. If you want to help me test it, sign up for the Private Beta here:

reMail Private Beta Signup

There are only 50 spots. You have to have an iPhone with the 3.0 OS and a Gmail account (we'll later support other account types as well). If you sign up, you can't blog / tweet / write about reMail until it's released. Also, I'm trying to get real iPhone users, not the Silicon Valley crowd - read the beta agreement to see if you can participate.

Thanks for your help! I hope you guys will love the new version as much as we do.

Update 1: The Private Beta is now full.
Update 2: All invites have now been sent. Mail me if you didn't get your invite.

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