Friday, July 17, 2009

More reMail Private Beta Invites

Last Friday, when I opened up signups for the reMail Private Beta, the 50 spots were gone in a few hours. Many of the testers have been extremely helpful with trying to debug problems, and almost all the issues they found are now fixed.

This past week, I've also added IMAP support to the new reMail. Before, it only supported Gmail accounts. If you have a non-Gmail IMAP account, have a taste for fast email search, and want to help me test the new version, sign up for the Private Beta here:

reMail Private Beta Signup (IMAP)

There are only 25 spots. While I'd love to bang this against as many IMAP servers as possible, I'm maxed out on developer device IDs in Apple's developer program and have resorted to "borrowing" them from another developer account.

Existing Beta Users: Yup, you can get the new version! You can just re-use the personalized download links I sent you - they will pull the newest version. You'll need to delete the old version first. You can verify you have the new version by going into the "Status" screen - it should say "V1.5". Enjoy!

P.S.: V1.5 also has a localized German UI if your iPhone is set to German. Let me know what you think - it may not be perfect as I put it together at 3 am last night.

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