Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do you speak French, Spanish, Italian, or Dutch?

I think reMail is especially valuable for Europeans. In Europe, you're never more than a few hundred kilometers away from a different country. Having your emails on your phone becomes crucial - European carriers charge a lot for data roaming.

We're looking for volunteers translate reMail into:
  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. Dutch
We can't really promise you more than our gratitude and an entry on this page.

The process entails is translating two text files with a total of 189 strings, plus the text for the App Store entry (300 words). I can give you the German and English equivalents. Ideally, you'd be a native speaker with an iPhone set to the language you're translating to.

If you're interested, contact me. My email is here.

Update: Looks like I've found several French speakers willing to help out! reMail seems to be popular in France. :-) Spanish, anyone?

1 comment:

Gabor said...

Looks like I found a volunteer for Spanish as well!