Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing the New reMail

Today, we're launching the new reMail for the iPhone! It's a completely new product.

reMail downloads all your email to your phone and lets you search full-text at light speed.

All My Email On My Phone? Really?

Yes, reMail downloads all your email to your phone. It will let you read and search all your email when you're offline. Just let reMail run overnight to complete the download. reMail needs less space than you think: 100,000 emails take only 500 MB on your phone - only 6% of the capacity of an 8 GB iPhone (the smallest iPhone you can buy).

This Will Save You Money

My family lives in Switzerland and I live in San Francisco. One thing I've found very frustrating whenever I travel to see my parents are the insane fees that AT&T charges for data roaming: For Switzerland, AT&T charges $19.97 per Megabyte. Check out this SMS I get the moment I turn my phone on the tarmac in Switzerland.

Now, with reMail, I don't have to think twice about searching for meeting times or flight reservations. When I'm abroad, I just download all my email over Wifi and have data roaming turned off.

We put together this page that contrasts data roaming prices with AT&T and T-Mobile Germany with the cost of reMail.

reMail Searches Full-Text

Another crucial difference between iPhone 3.0 Mail and reMail is that reMail searches full-text.

The built-in header-only search is frustrating, because so many times, the words I'm searching for don't appear in the To, From, and Subject lines. If the words you search for aren't in the headers, reMail will find the email, iPhone Mail will not. reMail is email search you can trust.

What happened to reMail Search Beta?

We launched reMail Search a few months back, it was a server-based product. Searches were being done on the server, and you had to give us your email password. It turns out people are very opposed to sharing their email and password with third parties, especially a small startup.

So we built the new reMail. Now, everything happens on the phone. reMail downloads your emails directly via IMAP. No more reMail server.

What reMail Users Are Saying

We have beta tested the app with a lot of users, and they are loving it:
  • “This app is awesome! I use reMail constantly all day. It's so fast!”
    — Sachin Agarwal, Co-Founder, Posterous
  • “I am loving reMail!”
    — Richard Price, CEO,
  • “Complete Berlin trip organized via emails found by reMail. No printed reservations and tickets needed!”
    — Bernhard Heinzel, Beta User
  • “reMail is a super useful app and search speed is incredible.”
    — Dan Veltri, Co-Founder, Weebly

Get it Now

We hope you'll love it too. Get it now. It's $4.99 on the App Store until Sep 1, and $9.99 thereafter.

Update: Coverage here and here.


Abhishek said...


Congratulations on the launch!
Will surely check it out. said...

Bummer that there's no Exchange support. That would be totally valuable.

Gabor said...

Well, there's no native Exchange support :-)

Most Exchange servers will support IMAP see here for details.

Regards, Gabor

Chris said...

Can't download it over 3G, I want it now dammit! :)
This is going to be great for travelling.

Gabor said...

Chris - you should be able to get the software over 3G (it's only 2.3 MB and AT&T's cutoff for 3G apps is 10 MB).

However, I recommend you download all your email via Wifi - much faster & more reliable.


Chris said...

Holy crap, this is s(l)ick!
I am downloading my 34k emails over 3G and searching or viewing at the same time is very fast and very intuitive.
The info screen has live message counts and total storage. Very nice! Woo-hoo, this is fun! :)

1. I didn't see any options for attachments, might be nice to download (and search) documents.
2. Gmail labels in search would be great! :)

Thanks Gabor, great app!

Calgary, Canada

Gabor said...

Hi Chris!

1. If your email has an attachment, reMail will display it. If the file format is supported, you can open the attachment, reMail will download it, and keep it on your device permanently.

2. You can't currently search for labels but I'll look into it. :-)


Hector Santos said...

Maybe its time to redevelop Silver Xpress and Offline Xpress - the #1 offline mail system during the 80 and 90s.


Hector Santos said...

Tomorrow I am going to call my daugther and "ok ok, you told me so". You see, I hate Apple, I can't tell you how much I despise them and I guess that stopped us from looking at the iPhone. We should of seen this market early and realized it was a perfect new device to return our old #1 Offline Line Product lines, Silver Xpress and Offline Xpress. But I'm going get iPhone, Androids now to begin movine the powerful system to these new devices.

OLX - Offline Xpress (tm)

Whats funny was that our original price was $10.00 back in 1984 and I recall one out first checks with a note that says - "Hey, Increase the PRICE, you got a hit here!" - I increased t to $35.00 and made a few million off it! Mustang Software hired a kid to write a version based on the QWK format for Windwos and called it OLX (Offline Xpress) We arcquired it in 1996 along with the backend online hosting System to allow users to download/upload mail!

Jaclyn, you got your wish!