Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seven Qualities of Successful iPhone Apps

If you're a mobile developer, I highly recommend this blog post and video about the seven qualities of great iPhone apps: Delightful, innovative, well designed, integrated, optimized, connected, localized.

Most of these seem pretty obvious, and somewhat soft and mushy, but I think the video gives some good examples. Also, the lessons apply to non-iPhone platforms as well.

Unfortunately, you need an ADC login to get to the blog post, but that's free and you don't need to pay the $99 toll.

With reMail, we're aiming to check all the boxes. Our next stop is being localized (I'm still looking for volunteers to do our Spanish and Italian translations.)

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robert said...

Thanks Gabor that is good news. Is this good 4 android magic htc and if so when will the link be available.