Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yummy New reMail Videos!

I put together reMail's launch video in a haste a few days before launch. With the help of a video pro, we reshot the whole thing. We also added some real-life shots of reMail to show off how fast it really is. Here's the result:

Then I got a haircut (as you will see in a minute) and shot another video. In this one, I talk about how to set up reMail with your Gmail or IMAP account:

A lot of people have asked about how to do advanced searches in reMail. Our full-text search engine is pretty powerful. To illustrate its power, I put together this video that talks you through reMail's advanced search options.



Martin said...

Hi Gabor!
Nice reviews, reMail is easy to setup.

In my opinion the advanced search options video is really interesting.
It's almost like the google search operators only for your mails on the iPhone.

P.S.: A nice easteregg are your mail passwords ;)

Gabor said...

Thanks! Rest assured that those are not my real email passwords. :-)