Friday, October 16, 2009

"A Never-Ending Spiral of Needless Messages"

From the Telegraph's 50 most annoying things about the Internet:

3) Messages alerting you to messages
Email inboxes are becoming clogged with non-urgent alerts from Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. How long before someone invents an app to alert Twitter and Facebook users when they receive an email, creating a never-ending spiral of needless messages?

Reminds me of my post on Facebook's dream vs. reality.

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waseem said...

Hi Gabor,

How is it going?

Have you seen our new Facebook app for Inbox2? (

Saddens me to say, this is exactly what we're doing :-) And guess what, users are loving it.

There is a twist though. When you receive a new email message, Inbox2 alerts you through a Facebook notification. These do not end up in your mailbox and are temporary such as the messages in your IM app.

I don't think its necessarily a bad thing as long as you keep the user out of that downwards spiral.