Monday, December 07, 2009

Shocker: A Drop in Email Overload!?

The Radicati Group is a research organization owned by HP that surveys email and messaging usage patterns. Here's a shocking new blog post:
Our newly released Business User Survey, 2009 shows that for the first time since we started monitoring email traffic patterns, the amount of email that reaches business user inboxes is actually decreasing. Survey respondents indicated that they sent and received an average of 108 email messages per day in 2009, which is noticeably lower than the average of 140 email messages sent and received in 2008. This is a fairly significant decrease of 23%!

Their explanation for this data is that users are shifting to other means of communication such as IM for certain type of messages: "Wanna grab lunch?"

This data does not fit my observations. For me, 2009 was the year of notification emails, as illustrated here and here.

My alternative explanation: This is a survey-based report. People generally overreport on how busy they are. They've recently become more realistic.

Now if only I had $2500 to buy that research report.

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