Thursday, August 12, 2010

How can do developers make their coding time as effective as possible?

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Coding is hard. procrastination is easy. How do squeeze the most productivity out of the time you spend coding?

The techniques I use are all for minimizing distraction and for making getting back into flow easier:

  • Block off as much uninterrupted time as possible
  • Keep a list of TODOs in a Google Spreadsheet with mini-tasks (as small as reasonably possible) so I can glance at it when returning from a break. I always keep the cursor on the current task I'm working on.
  • When doing backend work, I try to scope all tasks so I can see the effect in the UI. The ability to visualize the intended result makes long-winded work bearable.
  • Test-driven development: Write unit tests first, then try to make them green. A clear goal keeps the mind on track.

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