Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New York Update

I landed in New York City last Tuesday and have been working from Tumblr's offices where David Karp kindly offered me a desk to work from for the next few weeks.

This is quite a break from working in Google's Building 44 which is home to the Android team. Instead of a classic 70s Silicon Valley lowrise, I'm sitting on the 6th floor of an office building in midtown Manhattan. There is a great sense of excitement in the office - Tumblr has been growing tremendously in part due to their recent $85 million fundraise and the fact that all the graphs here are pointing up and to the right.

I don't usually believe in stealth mode. Yet the project I'm working on is in a competitive space with some well-financed but poorly executing startups - some of them are failing on product, others are failing on distribution. I'm confident I can execute better than them but I don't want to alert them of the possibility of an attack. So I've been quietly working away on a prototype.

I'll be back in the Bay Area in July.


hendrik said...

Gabor, is the plan to do a launchrock sign up page at the time when you are reading or are you going to go out of the stealth in beta? Or take the prototype to investors?

I for one would love to see what you are working on as the project you describe sound interesting?

Gabor said...

Great idea hendrik! I made http://startup.gaborcselle.com/ based on your suggestion.