Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Avicii on how to Become Successful

I was driving down the freeway listening to a dance music radio station, and an interview with Avicii aka Tim Berg came on. The interviewer asked him what his advice would be for amateur DJs making music in their bedrooms in America.

Avicii's advice was to work really hard. Before he became famous, he would spend many hours a day just creating and fine-tuning his music. Working hard enabled him to find his own style that he was comfortable with. He reached out to bloggers, they featured his music on their blog, his manager found him, and got him signed to do remixes and later solo stuff. His breakthrough track "Levels" came a bit later.

His advice could be right out of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. Find something you're passionate about, put your 10000 hours in, and luck will find you.

The music and tech industries both have outcomes with exponential distributions. I'm happy that even in the field of electronic music, the major factor in getting to the top is the amount of work you put into your product - not how much time you spend networking, or what school you graduated from, or what your father does for a living.

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