Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Two Hurdles of App Adoption

To get users onboarded onto your app, you have to overcome two hurdles:
  1. Get people to download the app, which takes annoyingly long.
  2. Get people to sign up inside the app, which they may not complete.

On the web, these hurdles are much lower.
  1. You don't install a website, you just visit it.
  2. Websites can set a cookie to remember you. Facebook's social plugins are beginning to show how to avoid lengthy signup processes by relying on a central source of identity.
I believe that removing or at least lowering these two hurdles on mobile is incredibly important. It will lead to better apps and a level playing field: Right now, the most popular apps are mobile versions of already-popular websites. But these are not the apps that are the best-executed and the most useful. It will also lead to a better mobile web, rather than the one cluttered with "download our app" interstitials.

In the next few posts on this blog, I'll lay out a genuinely new approach to solving app adoption and thus improving the app ecosystem. Stay tuned.

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