Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Selling DrawChat


On Saturday, I was at the SF Ferry Building Farmers Market and was nibbling on some of Primavera's Chilaquiles. That's when I got the email.

[Pusher] Your account is getting close to its usage limits

We are using Pusher for DrawChat to send chat messages to their recipients in near-real-time. Pusher's Sandbox plan allows for 100k messages a day. This seemed to have been some sort of bug.

When I got home, I started investigating. I looked at Flurry and Localytics, and it looked like our numbers were just through the roof. But there was no press, no email from Apple, no explanation. I tweeted out my puzzlement, and a follower replied:
And there it was:

When I pitched DrawChat at Founders Den Demo Day, I jokingly added a handdrawn hockeystick curve as a slide at the end of my presentation. My whole performance was more standup comedy real pitch, and I figured I would add this as an homage to the idealized startup pitch deck.

This hockeystick curve had now become reality. For comparison, here is the Parse graph from that day:

DrawChat is something fun that we built after Jeremy and left Google. With UI designer Chloe Bregman (and iOS contractor Thorsten Blum), we literally sat down and said, "what is the most fun thing we can build in a month."

Because of this, we've already moved on past working on DrawChat and are focusing on the next idea. 

Yet we feel there is still a lot of potential in DrawChat, and we think that we could probably spend some time building in monetization - think charging for backgrounds or drawing tools. One app that does a great job at this is Paper.)

This is why we've decided to sell DrawChat. 

Find the listing on Apptopia. Apptopia is a Mark Cuban-funded startup specializing in buying and selling iPhone apps.

Our reserve price is $10k and our buy-it-now price is $200k. Bidding ends on Wednesday Nov 21, 2012 at 9:00 am Pacific time. The price includes 2 days of Jeremy's and my time so we can help out the buyer with taking over the app.

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