Thursday, January 03, 2013

Facebook's Next Gazillion Dollars

Nicely hidden in a recent AdWeek article I found this:
"In September, the [Facebook] said it would begin testing a third-party mobile ad network that would let brands target users of non-Facebook apps according to those users’ Facebook data. Facebook safeguards the user’s Facebook ID, yet unlocking the mountain of data of that ID is key to ad targeting that’s more scientific than an app’s contextual environment."
This is huge. CPMs on mobile ads are currently super low. If apps can target ads to you based on your Facebook profile without making you authenticate, mobile ads will become much better targeted and CPMs will rise dramatically. Facebook can then pocket some of the difference between the previous CPMs and the new ones.

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Sriram Krishnan said...

Apparently, Fb has shelved plans to do this at the moment